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January 17, 2011 – Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines – one of the fasting growing software Philippines firms has created online monitoring systems for small to medium-sized businesses.

onlineSME has made online business systems that can work as complete web-based invoicing and billing manager for small to medium-sized businesses.

Using this online accounting software, business owners and managers can create, send and track all invoices with ease and convenience. Well-tailored and designed by professional online accounting software developers, online sales system can help business owners and managers oversee billing, customer contacts and payments online.

Online business system developed by onlineSME is scalable because it can be used for any product or services being sold.

Guaranteed that access to this accounting business software is secure and no sensitive data will be sent to imposter sites or acquired by hackers, the online monitoring systems created by onlineSME are plugged with 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). Business owners and managers can be assured that they access online accounting software on fast, secure and accurate connections.

This online sales system affords several advantages to business owners and managers. First, it does not need installation on computers as it only requires fast internet access. It is compatible with any browser such as Internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Netscape. It is accessible to basic users since onlineSME can provide free tech support for any glitches and help. This online business system is up 24/7.

With user-friendly environment and proficient interface, online business system is best used by any professional including advocates, accountants, designers, architects, software professionals, freelancers, media professionals, contractors, technicians and engineers.

This is a powerful and helpful tool for small to medium-sized business because onlineSME can develop affordable and effective accounting software.

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    OnlineSME works as your complete web-based invoicing and billing manager. You can easily create your invoices online with ease and confidence.


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