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Over the years, commerce has vastly grown. Tracing back its history, commerce was used by farmers who grew and traded their goods in exchange for other goods. This is considered as the third element in trade.

Consistent cash flow has become the lifeblood in commerce. In relation to lifeblood, factoring commonly known as invoice factoring is one of the many alternatives used in receiving  continuous cash flow between both the buyer as well as the seller. Invoicing also includes payroll, deductions and other matters concerning purchase transactions.

The early users of invoices were the Mesopotamians. It was believed that 4000 years ago they already had their own way of invoicing. By following the Mesopotamians, the Romans also used invoice factoring. Mass invoicing started in the middle ages.

Invoicing has grown more advanced since these are no longer done manually. As technology rises, invoicing also made its way to help small businesses manage their sales easier. Online accounting software are now more readily available.

Small business accounting software is created to make your invoicing fast and accurate. This is made for business owners to have a day to day business records of their daily business transactions.

Nowadays, online business systems has been used by many business owners. This is because of the fact that online business systems has wide coverage and records accurate billing in no time. It makes invoicing easier to do, business owners can now focus more on their respective businesses with less time doing all the invoice.  

Online Invoicing has the following software:

*    account collection software
*    accounts receivable software
*    online bookkeeping software
*    collections software

The fact that people had already grown advanced,the presence of new software is highly appreciated. everything is done in no sweat.

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 OnlineSME, the accounting software Philippines partner of Syntactics, Inc., is set to contribute big-time to the business strata of the Philippines. Being an IT company that specializes in the field of accounting business software and online marketing, they have created links and built business relations through their software Philippines.

The company has online business systems set mainly to help clients to pursue business transactions made during any form of sales with the help of modern technology. In line with this there are many other components that contribute to online business systems:

Online Accounting Software

This component assures the tracking credibility for accounting and bookkeeping made as the business transactions are being done. It is online so it could be done anywhere as long as it is with the aid of internet connection. This is beneficial for the company’s accountants since it is efficient and does not waste time.

Account Collection Software

This component creates an easy task for the modern accountant. It compiles accounting records and is responsible for immediate storage for reference and company usage. Accounts are safe within this software and it efficient to use.

Online Bookkeeping Software

This component is similar with the amount collection software, but this has a wider scope of bookkeeping to do. It not only records accounts but other files related to the business transactions made.

Accounting Software Philippines

With respect to the standards set by the Philippines, the company wants to push this IT industry for outsourcing that contributes to the region's and nation’s development.

Small Business Accounting Software

This software is specially made to keep track of transactions made by small businesses. It has features unique from other accounting software due to its specialized nature.

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