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There are already a lot of people who are stating their small business these days for one concrete reason, to make money. Hence it does not just stop there. Some people want to control all financial matters to pursue the future financial growth of the company.

However, there are things that you need to consider to be able to run your business smoothly. For example, the use of accounting software for business to run your financial matters smoothly and of perfect track. This software will allow you to manage your business of any kind you typically need to know how to write off your entire business expense, the amount of money you have spent and that profit you have earned. That is the reason why, a lot of business professionals are now using business accounting software to deal with the financial side of their business accurately.

The businessaccountingsoftware is utilized by business to record all the business accounting process. This software keeps track of all the records such as accounts receivable, account payable, balance and payroll as well as other financial applications. The software can be developed depending on the company or the small business’ needs and requirements.

This software will also minimize the cost of your business because instead of hiring someone to do all the accounting for you, the software itself can do it well, plus you are guaranteed that all the records that are found in the software are accurate. Humans are prone to committing mistakes, with this software, mistakes could be minimized and work can be done much faster.

The good thing about this software is that, you can have the access to all your saved files anywhere and anytime since all your data are stored online. You need not worry about your records’ security and privacy because it is protected even if it is stored online. The only person who could have access to your accounting records are those who are given the permission in doing so.

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Do you own a small or medium sized business? Have you recently discovered that your “little” business is actually much more complicated to be handled by mere manual procedures and paper pushing? Perhaps your business needs an effective and user-friendly online business system to track sales and invoices.

Perhaps you need to hire the services of a professional team of software developers so you need to hire onlineSME.

OnlineSME not only develops collections software that only needs one computer to work in your business but, they also create other online business systems that can work for any business anywhere. All you need is internet coverage.

OnlineSME creates online business systems that functions as the perfect web-based invoicing and billing system for your business.

You can easily and conveniently create, send and monitor all invoices using the online sales system developed by onlineSME. You can manage billing, customer contacts and payment online with the help of the online sales system tailor-made and created by professional accounting business software developers in partnership with Syntactics, Inc.

Regardless of the products and services your business is selling, the online business system can accommodate them because it is scalable.

When you access the online business system, the online sales system cannot be hacked nor sensitive data stolen because it is secured by 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). You are assured of fast, secure and accurate transactions.

In addition, the online sales system from onlineSME is business-practical because:

  • No computer installation is required.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Accessible and user-friendly to even the most basic users.
  • Free tech support.
  • 24/7 up time.

The online business system is very user-friendly and contains proficient features that makes it usable by any professional with little or no training, making it usable even for bookkeeping clerks, accounting clerks and sales clerks.

With such amazing features and great advantages, no doubt that this online invoicing and online sales system is a powerful and helpful tool for small to medium-sized business owners.

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OnlineSME is a software and applications development solutions provider that creates and develops customized online sales system, online accounting software, online bookkeeping and online business systems for small and medium businesses.  

OnlineSME also receives overseas outsourcing IT Projects for accounting business software development and WordPress customization. Its staff are skilled in PHP MySQL, Postgres SQL, Visual Foxpro, MS SQL, Flash Animation, Web Design using CSS, HTML, DHTML and XHTML.
  • OnlineSME and Syntactics, Inc. formed its partnership in January 2011.
  • Syntactics, Inc. was founded in 2000 in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.
  • Ranked Second among the Philippines' Top 10 for Web Development by TopSEO, a top independent authority on search vendors.
  • Frequently tapped for speaking engagements to give IT updates and lectures all over the Philippines.
  • 2007 and 2008 Winner of the Digital Filipino Web Awards.
nlineSME and Syntactics, Inc. are committed to the development, establishment and sustainability of Information and Communications Technology through active participation in the development of online bookkeeping software, accounts receivable software and other online applications.

OnlineSME is a total online and applications solutions provider that is geared to giving a strong commitment and adherence to excellence, timeliness and quality in all their jobs. The IT staff and developers are provided a working environment that allows them to best express their natural skills and abilities in the development of effective online business system and sales management system applications.

It is a company that will continually be the leader in the IT industry and continually adhere in commitment to stability and good governance, also providing proper employment, equal opportunity, and adherence to consistent family values and faith.

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Over the years, commerce has vastly grown. Tracing back its history, commerce was used by farmers who grew and traded their goods in exchange for other goods. This is considered as the third element in trade.

Consistent cash flow has become the lifeblood in commerce. In relation to lifeblood, factoring commonly known as invoice factoring is one of the many alternatives used in receiving  continuous cash flow between both the buyer as well as the seller. Invoicing also includes payroll, deductions and other matters concerning purchase transactions.

The early users of invoices were the Mesopotamians. It was believed that 4000 years ago they already had their own way of invoicing. By following the Mesopotamians, the Romans also used invoice factoring. Mass invoicing started in the middle ages.

Invoicing has grown more advanced since these are no longer done manually. As technology rises, invoicing also made its way to help small businesses manage their sales easier. Online accounting software are now more readily available.

Small business accounting software is created to make your invoicing fast and accurate. This is made for business owners to have a day to day business records of their daily business transactions.

Nowadays, online business systems has been used by many business owners. This is because of the fact that online business systems has wide coverage and records accurate billing in no time. It makes invoicing easier to do, business owners can now focus more on their respective businesses with less time doing all the invoice.  

Online Invoicing has the following software:

*    account collection software
*    accounts receivable software
*    online bookkeeping software
*    collections software

The fact that people had already grown advanced,the presence of new software is highly appreciated. everything is done in no sweat.

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 OnlineSME, the accounting software Philippines partner of Syntactics, Inc., is set to contribute big-time to the business strata of the Philippines. Being an IT company that specializes in the field of accounting business software and online marketing, they have created links and built business relations through their software Philippines.

The company has online business systems set mainly to help clients to pursue business transactions made during any form of sales with the help of modern technology. In line with this there are many other components that contribute to online business systems:

Online Accounting Software

This component assures the tracking credibility for accounting and bookkeeping made as the business transactions are being done. It is online so it could be done anywhere as long as it is with the aid of internet connection. This is beneficial for the company’s accountants since it is efficient and does not waste time.

Account Collection Software

This component creates an easy task for the modern accountant. It compiles accounting records and is responsible for immediate storage for reference and company usage. Accounts are safe within this software and it efficient to use.

Online Bookkeeping Software

This component is similar with the amount collection software, but this has a wider scope of bookkeeping to do. It not only records accounts but other files related to the business transactions made.

Accounting Software Philippines

With respect to the standards set by the Philippines, the company wants to push this IT industry for outsourcing that contributes to the region's and nation’s development.

Small Business Accounting Software

This software is specially made to keep track of transactions made by small businesses. It has features unique from other accounting software due to its specialized nature.

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To release the pressure brought by the economic meltdown, SME’s are turning to software-as-a-service (SaaS) for their accounts receivable collection and other application they need for their business. As such, the growing range of SaaS solutions could not have arrived at a better time.

SaaS in sales management system is delivered through an online small business software service provider that offers low maintenance and cost-effective alternative to on-premises bookkeeping software.

It is typically promoted as a key competitive advantage for SME’s worldwide. Thus, SaaS for online business system is now more secure and easier than ever to integrate into an existing small business software infrastructure.


•    SME’s can save money by not having to purchase servers or other small business software with features they do not need.
•    Faster implementation - SME’s can deploy the SaaS like the online account collection software within hours rather than weeks or months.
•    Low total cost of Ownership - SME’s can focus their resources on competitive advantage rather than on the infrastructure
•    SME’s can benefit from monthly obligation rather than up-front capital cost
•    Lowers the need to predict scale of demand and infrastructure investment up-front as available capacity matches demand
•    Flexibility and scalability
•    Reliability

With SaaS providers for online sales system, online bookkeeping or online business system transforming from a product to an on-demand service, account collection software is delivered over the Internet in return for a fixed fee.

And unlike the traditional small business software license model, SaaS has no up-front fees. SaaS has evolved to better address the accounts receivable software application needs of size-based companies.

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Software as a service or SaaS has become an important alternative for many small business software applications such as accounts receivable collection. SaaS provide efficient online small business software solution by optimizing business finances that fits an organization’s specific needs.

This means that, with the SaaS for an online sales system, you can be sure to receive updated sales monitoring reports through invoices and payments without investing for the traditional bookkeeping software, hardware or IT personnel for managing the data and software applications.

The online sales system application will streamline the process of entering receivables, invoices and payments. Thus, the online bookkeeping software increases the efficiency and effectiveness of financial transaction processing by cancelling or redesigning expensive, redundant, time consuming tasks and delays of a paper-based sales monitoring process.

One of the fast growing SaaS providers in the net today, OnlineSME offers the convenience of monitoring your sales cost-effectively online.

OnlineSME works as your complete web-based invoicing and billing manager. In which you can easily create, send and track all your invoices online with ease and confidence. With this well-tailored and professionally designed online bookkeeping software, you can easily manage your billing, customer contacts and payments online.

Best of all OnlineSME can be used for any products and services sold.

OnlineSME’s online sales system feature, you can immediately begin using the small business software. It can improve your sales monitoring while leveraging security and approval hierarchy by defining objectives, outlining your needs and carrying out solutions to achieve better goals. Plus, implementation times are also faster and more cost effective.

Why you need OnlineSME?

With conceptual thinking and easy functionality at its back, OnlineSME is sure to be one of the best online invoicing solutions available today. Its user-friendly interface works wonders for SMEs.

So if you need to manage your invoices online, OnlineSME small business software is here for you. Call (63) 88 856 2242 or visit

Does your small business need effective and user-friendly accounting business software to track sales and invoices? Then, you need to hire the services of a professional team of software developers. Hire onlineSME!

onlineSME not only develops accounting business software that works in one computer in your business office but they create  online business systems that can work in any place where there is Internet coverage.

onlineSME creates online business systems that functions as the perfect web-based invoicing and billing manager for your business.

You can easily and conveniently create, send and monitor all invoices using the online accounting software developed by onlineSME. You can manage billing, customer contacts and payment online with the help of online sales system tailor-made and created by professional online accounting software developers.

Regardless of the products and services your business is selling, this online business system can accommodate them because it is scalable.

When you access this accounting business software, your online sales system will not be hacked nor sensitive data will be sent to imposter sites because it is secured by 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). You are assured of fast, secure and accurate transactions.

In addition, online accounting software from onlineSME can give you advantages such as:

•    No installation on computers needed
•    Compatible with any browser such as Internet explorer, Google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Netscape
•    Accessible to basic users
•    Free tech support
•    24/7 up time.

Plus, this online business system has user-friendly environment and proficient features that makes it usable by any professional such as advocates, accountants, designers, architects, software professionals, freelancers, media professionals, contractors, technicians and engineers.

With such amazing features and nice advantages, no doubt that accounting business software created by onlineSME is a powerful and helpful tool for small to medium-sized business owners like you.

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